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A Brief History of JAK's Custom Baits


For a long time I was frustrated at not being able to find the right color, size or style of soft plastic bait at my local tackle or big box store. I was also tired of throwing the same thing everybody else was, not to mention the dent it was putting in my wallet.

As a solution to this problem I started pouring soft plastic baits many years ago for my own personal use as a hobby to give myself an edge in Tournaments. I also gave away many soft plastic baits to my fellow Tournament Anglers, and they to began winning, placing high in tournaments or were  just plain  catching more fish overall. As a result of this early success, word spread and demand grew. The secret was out and JAKs Custom Baits quickly became the go to soft plastic bait of the top pros from the Bassmaster Elite, FLW and BFL. In late 2009 JAKs Custom Baits officially went on the world wide web. In addition to my local customers, pros and guides I have had for over 15 years, the internet had allowed me to expand my client base to 48 states and many countries.

Even with all this success we have kept with the tried and true method of individually handcrafting our custom soft plastic baits, thereby keeping the qualitiy of our products extemely high. After many years of perfecting the craft of making soft plastic baits we still find the same joy in helping fellow anglers catch more Bass as we did when JAKs Custom Baits first started.

JAK's Custom Baits continues to be on the cutting edge of the latest designs, materials, technology and techniques to give YOU the edge now and well into the future.

Jeff Konopka
JAKs Custom Baits

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